Project Gallery

53rd St. & I-74 Interchange

McCarthy Improvement Company

This major overhaul of the busiest intersection in the Quad Cities took place in 2012 and required a great deal of cooperation between the contractor and the DOT to determine how to keep traffic open during construction.

Iowa American Water, Flood Risk Wall, Reach I

Valley Construction Company

With the Iowa American water facility situated so close to the river, flooding has always been a major problem. Temporary floodwalls became relatively permanent surrounding the grounds. Block, in conjunction with the Army Corp of Engineers and Valley Construction, is building a permanent floodwall around the facility that matches the limestone blocks at the Arsenal just across the Mississippi. This was achieved by using intergral Limestone color in the concrete to give it the proper color, and textured forms to give the concrete a rough shape that closely resembles that of limestone block.

Pebble Creek Addition

KE Flatwork

This beautiful new addition to the north side of the Pebble Creek subdivision will allow for construction of upwards of thirty new homes.

Ascentra Credit Union, Bettendorf

Anderson Commercial Concrete